The uses for wikis in the classroom are endless. Teachers can create wikis for many purposes including communication to parents and community, display of student work, how-to tutorials for students, student created projects, etc. The Wiki Lesson Plan Idea page focuses on ways to incorporate the use of wikis into the curriculum. This page includes lesson ideas for wiki integration, wiki plan collection sites, and example sites.

Tip: Since students will be publishing work online, it is extremely important to include lessons on copyright and plagiarism before beginning these projects.

Wiki Lesson Plan Ideas

Language Arts:plug-in.gif
  • News Stories: Students write news stories on school, community, or world topics and create a news wiki.
  • Book Reviews: Students write book reviews and collaborate to create a wiki.
  • Literary Elements of a Novel: Groups research and evaluate symbolism, characters, theme, etc. Students then build a wiki page.
  • Poetry Wiki: Students write poems and add them to pages on a wiki.
  • Vocabulary Wiki: Students create a wiki page about a new vocabulary word. The page can include the
definition, a sentence using the word, an image, etc.

  • Show Your Work Wiki: Students create a page that shows detailed steps about how to solve a math problem.
  • Problem Solving Wiki: Students work together to solve a word problem provided by the teacher.
  • Famous Mathematicians: Groups research a famous mathematician and his/her contribution to math today.
Students then create wiki pages of the findings.

Social Studies and Geography:
  • Civil War: Groups work together to research specific battles in the Civil War and create a page about that battle.clrglobe.gif
  • States: Students research state capitals, symbols, nicknames, brief history, etc. Students work collaboratively to
create a wiki page on the state.
  • Industrial Revolution: Students research different aspects of the Industrial Revolution and report on a wiki page.
  • Understanding Cultures Wiki: Students research a culture and work in groups to explore topics such as holidays,
religion, traditions and beliefs, etc. Each group creates a page on the wiki explaining the topic.

  • Body Systems: Students create wiki pages on the different organ systems in the body.
  • Planets: Groups work to research a planet and post findings and pictures on a wiki page.
  • World Climates or Biomes: Students choose a climate or biome and research temperature, rainfall, humidity, etc.
Students then create a wiki page including the findings.
  • Animal Classification: Groups choose to research reptiles, fish, amphibians, birds, or mammals and create a wiki
page including research findings.

Wiki Lesson Plan Idea Collections

Examples of Wiki Use in the Classroom

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