The nuts and bolts to setting up a wiki...


Let's work together to set up a wiki. As the user, please follow the directions as they are given. When you are finished, you will have a wiki ready for use with your students!
Setting up a wiki steps:

  1. Log onto
  2. Create an account
  3. Create a wiki
  4. Adding member accounts
  5. Creating a page
  6. Student use 411

Logon to

This site will allow you to create a site specifically for use with K-12 students. The wiki will be free of advertisements, can be edited by members only, and viewed by all!


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Create an account

Add a username, password, and your email address. Wikispaces will create an account for you. Your username and password will give you access to your wikis each time that you login. An email confirmation with username and password information will be sent to you after the creation of your account.


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Creating a wiki

Choose a name for your wiki. The name that you choose will become a part of the URL of your wiki. For example, if you choose, paper_kites as your name, will be the web address of your wiki. Letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores work great. Spaces do not. (They won't work.) Your wiki name should be 3 to 32 characters long.

Wiki permissions: Choose protected to allow for member editing only but viewing access by all. Allowing only members to edit allows you to better manage the content that is added.

Wiki type: (optional) The wiki type must be K-12 education in order to receive the freePlus space that is free of advertisements.

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Adding member accounts

You can add accounts individually or in bulk. Students do not have to have email access to be a member.To add individually, go to Manage Wiki, choose Invite People. Type in usernames or email addresses for those that you want to invite. To add accounts in bulk, follow this link. . Specific directions are listed. You can get more help setting up accounts by sending an email to .

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Create a page

When your wiki is created, you will have a home page. In order to add more pages, choose the New Page button. You will be prompted for a title for your page. You may also include tags for your page. Click on create. Your new page will be created. You may access it by clicking on the title in the navigation bar on the left or the tab at the top of the page.

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Student use 411

Students (members) login to the wiki at using their username and password. They will be presented with a list of wikis that they are members of. They select the wiki that they would like to view. Each page of the wiki has an edit button. By choosing the edit button, the page becomes active. This means that members can add and edit text. For more information on how members can create within a wiki, see the "Features of a Wiki" page.

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All clipart is created by students and accessed from a royalty free site.
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