A Classroom Wiki

What is it?

  • A classroom wiki can be a place for students to share learning units and collaborate on shared learning tasks. Working collaboratively allows students to internalize meaning while learning. When students of varying abilities work together, they can assist each other and later successfully perform similar tasks independently. The "discussion" tab of the wiki allows students to comment on pages and negotiate changes before actually making them. As students critique their classmates' completed writing they practice critical reading and writing skills.
  • A classroom wiki can be a student portfolio. This approach allows for learners to reflect on and write about their learning process. A wiki provides a place to showcase what students have learned. Photographs, video, drawings, scanned work, and project artifacts are examples of items which teachers and students can add to their wiki to reflect learning.
  • Students may participate in class discussions about books or topics studied in class with a customized blog on a wiki as a means of self-expression and understanding of content.
  • A wiki can be a teacher-parent connection. Announcements may be posted and wiki contents show parents what is being learned in class.
  • Classroom wikis may be teacher created with student contributions or student created.

Using Wikis in the Classroom

Classroom Wiki Examples